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Guest blog Friday: A lawyer turned marketer!

guest blogNote: many thanks to Shelley Simpson for today’s guest blog piece, proving a lawyer can change her stripes, learn new tricks, have fun, and be successful too!


Why would a lawyer do network marketing? Why NOT! The profile and posts tell the story!

9 years ago, I heard about a unique business model. I could replace my income – not have a boss, work where, when and with whom I wanted – no more trading hours for dollars!

Working a full-time JOB and being new to NYC, I had little spare time. I had no network!

First assignment – meet people.  The typical networking/pitch meeting offers 1-2 minutes to speak. The fortune is in the follow up which takes time. Ah, time! An unyielding boss!

Enter LinkedIn!  9 years ago, social media was the new kid on the block.  The phone was on its way out, email was being replaced by texting and relationships were taking root online. With LinkedIn viewers are looking for a solution to some challenge.

Developing a good profile begins to tell the story and spark some rapport and creating good posts that create curiosity and move the reader to comment, question or call became the foundation for building connection. It was time well spent!

Once someone clicks, comments or views, they enter my warm market – they know more about me than they did before no matter how we met.

Being an entrepreneur means living life on my terms – having control over my time and my income. To truly own my time requires making best use of it which isn’t spending hours a day prospecting, it’s attracting people to me so we can “connect to collaborate!”


shelleysimpsonheadshot.pngShelley Simpson holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from Wayne State University and a Juris Doctor for Michigan State University Law School. She is married, dotes on her 4 grandkids and believes it’s possible to have it all if you focus on serving others, having fun and making the most of every day. She works through the JuicePlus Company helping people realize their dreams of good health and prosperity.

2 thoughts on “Guest blog Friday: A lawyer turned marketer!”

  1. Network marketing is good concept I think it will be most helpful to getting more leads for business.

    1. Linkedin is a great way to get leads. I have had people contact me as a result of something I have posted, but those are typically people I am connected with in some way. More importantly, I have had business come from people who find me when they are looking for a network marketing business or when they land on my profile randomly because of a keyword and then get in touch to find out more. That’s why it is so important to craft a Linkedin profile that is designed to grab the widest audience.

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