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Spotlight: #LinkedIn and #video

VideoSEOProIt’s not often I find a company who is an expert in an ancillary field to mine, and who can so clearly articulate in detail, well written and with illustrations, what I have been espousing in my LinkedIn training and coaching sessions: video is an essential part of your LinkedIn profile, and branding in all social media platforms you use, for your business marketing.

David Vogel is President of Video SEO Pro Inc. in North White Plains, NY and the company excels in all aspects of video marketing and video production for any of the variety of business and personal branding purposes you may have.

Here is an example of a profile video that someone would want to put on their LinkedIn page to help people understand who they are and what they do. Another option might be a testimonial video.

To teach us more about best practices in using video for marketing, they provide a great, free download of a handbook to guide your thinking about the proper use of video.
You owe it to yourself to obtain, read, and absorb the advice in this handbook! And as I said, it’s free. All you have to do is click here to get their booklet.

Save the date: If you are in the Westchester/Connecticut area, David and I will be holding a workshop at the Greenburgh Library in Elmsford, NY on the evening of January 23, 2018 to combine our expertise and show attendees the many ways to optimize video on LinkedIn. Come learn how to make yourself even more amazing-er!


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