Drip. Drip. Drip. 

There’s a hole somewhere and insidiously, water finds its way to the lowest point. Only when it rains. Not every day.  It’s frustrating and hard to patch unless you know where to look. It might take an expert (or two) to diagnose.

Buckets are not part of your interior decor.




Drip. Drip. 

You may have to be creative and look for the weak point(s) in unusual places and hope you have fixed it. One more look and a quick touch up–you may have found the damned spot!


You notice you have been successful remedying the weakness(es) when you finally realize the dripping stopped. Good for you.

The moral?

Your LinkedIn profile cannot have weak spots, even small ones. It must be consistent, well spoken (yes, you are speaking to the reader), and watertight in details and nuances. Complete and solid.

If you need an expert to find LinkedIn leaks, let me know.

If you need a head shot or a video, I know experts. (See tomorrow’s blog for a video expert! But I digress…)

Once repaired, you can, and should, tell others that have a new-and-improved LinkedIn profile and ask them to refer you. Refer and/or recommend the expert who made the repair…

Then you have branded yourself well and are ready to research potential colleagues. All the while, be a proactive self-marketer.

Get ready–you may just wade through a steady stream of contacts and new business prospects.