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Wednesday morning 700 am

roosterBy the time you read this at 800 am when it’s published, I’ve already been sitting in a networking meeting for an hour.

Early train (508 am), brief walk in my favorite time of the day in NYC as the sidewalks are washed down well before the throngs stampede them, entering a room full of people I have not met, a fear I have learned to overcome, but being the good Boy Scout, I have prepared the day before and refreshed my memory on the train again.

I read through their LinkedIn profiles. I have mentally tagged some for a conversation to make it even more worthwhile for all involved. Who we know in common, specific topics of mutual interest. I researched the speaker.

I’ve invested the time for fruitful results.

Do you research people you are about to meet or listen to speak at an event?

Be prepared. Brave, clean and reverent helps too.

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