LI_PowertoolYou have a meeting with someone. You want it to go well. You want to do your homework.

As you might expect, I urge you to consult LinkedIn.

Use the desktop version if you can. Use the smartphone version if you have no other choice. You see more information more easily on the former than the latter.

What does that person look like? Memorize that face so you instantly recognize the approaching (not so) stranger.

What areas of background does yours and the other person’s intersect? Find the common ground.

Whom do you share as connections in common? I always start the conversation with “So I see we both know Bob Jones. How do you know him?” Then I chime in.

Wednesday I am meeting 4 people in person: three I know for years but only over the phone; I have 3 faces to learn. The other person I just was introduced to and can be highly valuable for referrals (and me to her). That’s worth exploring with some knowledge under my best, from LinkedIn.

All four should make for a fruitful meeting. The possibilities are endless; I am optimistic and enthusiastic to get to know new colleagues, the informed way.  I use my tools. That’s how I roll.