As I perused the New York Times paper edition yesterday, this ad jumped off the page:

morelliIt made me stop. I had eyed something that resonated with me. Was it deliberate by Paul Morelli as a wordplay on a common trademark? Or was it a coincidence? However it was intended, it made me stop.

Not that I am in the market for expensive jewelry, but there was a certain inherent curiosity to the ad based on its headline. A call to act. It made me want to know more.

My headline on my LinkedIn profile makes me jump off my LinkedIn profile page into the heart and mind of the reader:

Author, LinkedIn coach & trainer: help you look amazing-er | cashflow strategist to firms & nonprofits using e-payments

Notice mine does NOT say:

“Owner, Your Best Interest LLC, e-giving and connect2collaborate.”

Which of these two makes you want to read more about me, nudging you to read my Intro below the Headline, and my Experience below that? If you have been a reader of my blog, you already know my opinions on a great LinkedIn headline on your profile.

Now please work on your headline. You get a nanosecond to make an impression and push the reader to know more about you. I’m just spreading a little LinkedIn love with you…And I’ve scheduled a really good blog post with a freebie for this coming Friday!