earlyadopter.jpgYes, as might be suspected, I was an early adopter of LinkedIn. Number 203,392. (Don’t try to look that stat up today for yourself. it’s no longer available in the new LinkedIn.)

That means I was exposed to, and began optimizing this tool in 2001 and now 16+ years later, I am still adapting it to my needs. 

Not the other way around.

Others, in contrast, refuse to allocate the time and attention that it needs to improve their businesses and opportunities. 

They wait for a job search to need it. Too late.

Or they plop down a poorly constructed and limp narrative and expect miracles. 

Realizing the fallacy of their expectations, they quick-adapt themselves to it, then forget to “feed” it until they need it again. 

Don’t be like them.

Blossom before your competitor.

Or wait for the conditions to finally change… Ahem, no one has that time to wait.