I always subscribed to this concept, but recently was reminded of the term for it: center of influence.

concentric circlesI like to think of the goof people I know as a series of concentric circles in a pond after you plunk a rock: the most energy is nearest the center and it dissipates as it moves outward.

The same is true of your LinkedIn centers of influence: first level connections are most potent since they are closest to you as the center, the connections of your connections are less energetic (2nd level) and further out the rings are people you have little sway with but could if you were introduced to them (3rd and out-of-network).

I liked that concept so much I incorporated it into my company logo.


So as we begin to look to the year-end, it’s a good time to reward your centers of influence in a positive way: ask them to attend an event you attend, if feasible, and/or bring a new guest to your networking group’s session.

Make the power of LinkedIn propel you to new concentric circles as they expand and meet new great professionals.

Another idea: Unashamedly, I’m available for hire for a kick-ass presentation on LinkedIn to center of your influence in your business, firm, organization, or group.

I’ll even make them each take out 4 business cards as an opening exercise to “unchill” the room…if you read me, well, you know the rest….if not, here’s a previous blog post on this topic.