lecturerAt many of my LinkedIn training sessions I ask for a show of hands, “how many of you looked at my LinkedIn profile to learn about me, to see if I am indeed qualified to speak on this topic?” and I wait for no hands to go up.

Nada. Zip. Crickets. Yes, it’s always that way.

I know we are all busy. But too much so to spend a moment reviewing a LinkedIn profile for a minute?

So being the LinkedIn evangelist I will challenge you: prove me wrong the next time I ask a group that same question! 

Look at the LinkedIn profile of the person speaking at an event you are attending, meeting with, calling on the phone. Review mine please if I am fortunate enough to speak before you, not because that helps me, but it helps you. You don’t know this Now you do!), but I always ask the sponsor of my session for a list of attendees names so I can review yours. And I do take the time to make my session more about how I can help you…

Prepare, because you should:

  • Look for common threads, special qualifications, hints at ideas and similar experiences that can make the event more meaningful for both of you.
  • Break the ice by referencing common friends and colleagues and how you know them.
  • Ask cogent questions based on what you learned. Make it a win-win for everyone.

Of course, you must have a great profile to make this a 50-50 proposition…

Prove me wrong at my next event, please.