Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Don’t be a one-hit wonder on #LinkedIn

reviseThink of the one-hit wonders we hear on the radio: a flash, and then oblivion.

Not you. Don’t just write a limp LinkedIn profile and walk away for good.

You want to be a consistently rich, with an impressive profile, making changes as needed to update your fans and followers. They want to know and cheer you on, so as noteworthy events occur, make a note to yourself:

  • Add new achievements and publications.
  • Update us on article you read and liked (and be sure to tell us why rather than just linking them-we want to know what motivated you to share it.)
  • Congratulate others on work anniversaries with something more than the boilerplate “like” that LinkedIn offers. Be yourself and use the right supportive words.
  • Avoid using the “like” button completely as it doesn’t offer the comment or pat-on-the-back you want to convey. It’s boring and unwarm and you are neither.
  • Review your own way of expressing why you do what you do. If it’s not telling “why you,” it’s not compelling to others.

Be amazing-er than the competitor.