164226_10200407894994061_531772970_nYes, a century ago the elite studied how to converse. There was no texting or blogging or social media back then.

News flowed slowly from the source, often covered by newspaper a few days old by the time it was read.

Today we live in the immediate time zone. Nanoseconds divide old news and news moves like lightning. Attention spans are fleeting. And likewise, the world changes so quickly.  I have been saying lately that today’s issues are so different than that of the one before it.

Take some time to reassess your conversational style of “speaking” to your reader on LinkedIn. Make a change from the bullet-pointed resume and use your vocabulary and whole sentences in short paragraphs to make yourself understood.

Color your words with graphics or better, video.

Yes, on LinkedIn your profile is a one-sided conversation, but a far better one than your competition’s.

Make it easy to contact you in the method of communication that the initiator prefers, not the one you always expect.

Leave your call to action at the end. Yes, one conversation spurs on another, and then business ensues.

A relationship is born, and after years, trusted colleagues share each other’s happy news.

That sweet relationship’s as old as the hills and every bit as sweet in 2017 as it was in 1917. Be conversant, about yourself.