I admit, as a LinkedIn evangelist, I really like to take people out of their comfort zone.

I am not a sadist. challengeI merely challenge them to think harder, deeper, and more inwardly, about those values and virtues they bring to the market(s) they compete in.

In other words, not what they do, but why they do what they do, and it’s up to them how they express it to brand themselves.

I assign homework in between personal coaching sessions and challenge my clients to write a lot of new quality narrative to tweak with my help, as they further self-define.

I leave my public session attendees with renewed enthusiasm and creativity to think about themselves as an item on a store shelf, wanting to be considered, selected, and purchased, again and again, with brand loyalty.

I know I make some people uncomfortable talking about themselves,  after decades of being told not to. It’s a hard habit to break, but a vitally necessary skill to do well in today’s social media world.

I love when I hear back, as I often do, that those I touch “have a lot of work to do.”

And do it.

Now please get to work!