nysbaI have always enjoyed serving on discussion panels and working off the intelligence of my fellow speakers as we build on one another’s experience and vision.

The other day was one of those magic times on a panel at the NY State Bar Association as we spoke about ethics in the legal profession and marketing concepts and techniques for attorneys to brand themselves using various online methods: website, Avvo, LegalZoom and LinkedIn: attorneys and non attorneys reviewing best practices in law firm marketing, especially solos and small firms.

As can be expected, although the marketing vehicles are different, the NY State Bar Association’s ethics and methods are similar: be yourself, be interesting, honest and concise, and be in touch with what your audience is seeking. Manage the public’s expectation in a good business-like manner.

There were so many rules, regs, and ideas floating in the room to be harvested, and ’tis the season as we turn our eyes to completing the year-end with a marketing bang.

I enjoyed working with my esteemed fellow panelists (in the picture from right to left): Mitch Tobol (websites), Nancy Schess (moderator), Sally Robertson (LegalZoom), Dan Lear (Avvo), me, Roy Simon (ethics professor), Josh King (Avvo), David Miranda (NYSBA past president) and (not in this photo) moderator Carol Greenwald: some are old friends, and some new colleagues gained.

And thanks to NYSBA for having me back again. I always enjoy working with you.