Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Dealing with cards, and #LinkedIn URLs on them!

4bizcardsI spoke at an event the other evening and used a warm up exercise on attendees: take out 4 business cards and exchange one with the person in front, back, right, and left of them.

It is designed to open new channels towards eventual LinkedIn connections, preferably after a subsequent meeting to vet them, and if appropriate, then to ask for their LinkedIn connection.

What surprised me was the number of attendees without business cards.

I always thought having cards was mandatory!

Yes once in a while I meet people without an adequate supply of cards, depleted after some big event, but nonetheless they are always needed. So bring extra, tucked away in a special place, but have them, why don’t you?

It was the number of people lacking cards the other evening really surprised me.

I suggested they improvise and they ripped paper in to roughly sized cards  to write their contact details to trade for a real card.

I did mention they need to have their LinkedIn personalized URLs on the next edition of cards they order from the printer.

Not sure they will remember to do that since they cannot even remember to bring an extra supply of cards, but perhaps I am being too curmudgeonly!

So now I’ll warn you: if you go to one of my upcoming LinkedIn sessions, you had best have at least 4 cards with you! You can thank me later.