Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Using your imagination


You will have to use your imagination, as there is no need to illustrate beyond words in this case: I used the bathroom at a lab and saw the toilet plunger was hand magic-markered with the name of the company and its street address, city, state and zip code.

Really, was all that effort needed to repatriate it to its usual home, if need be?

Is it true? You will have to believe me.

Enough said on that topic, only in words, to make the point. The real moral of this blog post: please use words well, and when needed, use pictures/graphics/video to reinforce the words around an important complex point.

Words, when crafted well, they can convey some powerful concepts about you, in your own way.

And it is said a picture is worth a thousand words.

Videos? A million!

A head shot of you? Essential!

Make them all count and be judicious.