AWESOMEKeep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date.

Keep your LinkedIn apps on Apple products up-to-date: version 9.1.44 just appeared, so update those apps!

Keep your certifications and accomplishments up-to-date; never let a good thing that happens to you go unmentioned. This is marketing, of course!

Keep up with your connectionrequests and other notifications because this is an image thing-be mindful of appearances.

Keep on top of Pulse and the news it delivers to your Home page. Comment and share; just don’t numbly “like” stories. Give us a piece of your mind. You must have so much more to offer than “like!”

Finally, keep up-to-date with your connections. Wish them well on work anniversaries (I just had mine and I am so pleased to see some old familiar faces wish me well, after many years of little contact), congratulate them heartily on promotions and successes they announce. Share their articles and news. Be a good connection.

Stay on top of the news and up-to-date with your entourage of colleagues. Be appreciated for good reason.