Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Sometimes we just outgrow our space

outgrowWe set down roots wherever we go: office, school, friends, new town, etc.

And slowly, almost imperceptibly, we grow: inwardly as we master new skills, outwardly as we rise to confront and win at challenges we face, and a combination as we add layers of experience to our repertoire.

And there are times when we outgrow the space allotted us.

This causes Sunday night blues, job malaise, self-inflicted boredom, social dissatisfaction, etc.

Luckily for you, LinkedIn allows you the opportunity to verbally express your past creating your present, and your present indicating your future orientation, expressed in your own words.

What are your thoughts and introspective viewpoints? What can you show on LinkedIn that aligns with these higher level thoughts?

If you are seeking a new, more challenging position, tell us (if you can without burning any bridges). Private reaches to your entourage that you are dissatisfied are fine. Ask them to respect your privacy and be on the lookout for something new they come across.

Tell them.

Search LinkedIn’s job tabs and the open jobs within your Groups as well.

But don’t hold all this angst in. You need to lean on your LinkedIn connections (and maneuver through their connections) as they root you on and cheer your next career step.