openThis Labor Day will not be a day off, or the end of an enjoyable summer weekend for the people in the Houston area.

It will not be time off for first responders.

The Department of Homeland Security can’t take a day off.

The military remains vigilant all weekend and then some.

Many different jobs and careers are expected to be open 24x7x366 (leap day included!).

Entrepreneurs may be away from the office this long weekend, but they will be checking their voice- and e-mail for a client issue that pops up. I know I will. Despite being client centric, some of us are quite fortunate to be able to (mostly) take the long weekend off.

Your LinkedIn profile is accessible 24x7x366 too. You will be looked at, evaluated, considered or rejected for that opportunity at at all hours of the day and night, globally.

So if you have some time this holiday weekend, start a revision or complete rewrite of your LinkedIn profile. Look at this labor as an investment in yourself and your career.

If you do have to work your job on Labor Day weekend, I salute you.


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Gee, where did the summer go?