touchWe all collect great connections, but sometimes we just can’t “touch” them all regularly.

They fall off our radar (you already know my various remedies for staying on your connections’ radar), perhaps they moved far away, changed jobs and/or other reasons that we see and think of them less.

2 easy tips for you:

  1. For your new connections, on-board them by sending them an article you chose just for them, with their interests in mind, and message them on their LinkedIn profile with a personal note and the URL of the article you think they may enjoy. This is always appreciated. Your stature in their mind, at this early juncture in your relationship, will be elevated.
  2. For older, less seen connections, say a quick “how are you” and reward them with a gift of networking: introduce them to another of your connections who may share a similar interest or field. You can connect them on LinkedIn by sharing the two profiles in a message to both of them….Or go really crazy and add connect 3 or more profiles as a small group of great people. Watch sparks fly as connections synapse.

There you go, 2 actionable ideas to make this last Tuesday in August the start of the rest of your successful career.