Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Don’t fully agree with me about #LinkedIn? OK, do so in your own way.

arm wrestleSounds self-actualizing, huh? Not quite.

It’s a story of a client’s progress.

I just finished with a LinkedIn coaching client who in the first session decided that everything I told her to do was an absolute. “OK, I’ll do that if you want me to.”

“No,” I said, “it’s not what I want you to do, but if you want a kick-butt profile you can add {this} and tell us about {that}.”

She saw my point and agreed. That’s the purpose of the first session: laying the foundations she hired me to convey, getting her past the paralyzing fear of talking about herself professionally.

Then as we progressed through the weeks, and ultimately to the fourth and final session, I asked her to refine and add another fine-point layer to her profile and she resisted. “That’s not me.”

To which I replied, “That’s fine. It’s ultimately your profile and not mine, so if you want to go a different direction, that’s OK.”

Yet she saw my point, took my idea and turned it into something that worked from her POV.

It really did add a new dimension to her profile, and was ultimately better than my idea. That pleased me as a coach: she took the foundations I started her with and built a newly renovated profile that spoke to her self-perception, her character and her value-added, her street creds, her “why,” using her words and personality.

LinkedIn profile creation is not a science but an art. It takes teamwork and collaboration.

She now is the proud owner of a newly told story of why she does what she does, accentuated by others’ skills endorsements and recommendations about how well she does her “why.” The coaching was successful and I fully expect an ongoing organic layering on to the profile she built, as it changes with her progress, and she continually updates us with news and accomplishments as she conquers her industry.

Mission accomplished for her.

And what about you?

Similarly, everything I advise you in this blog can be ingested (which might sound daunting at first), processed, and adapted into your own career story, in your own way. Do that, and we both are in fundamental agreement. Fine points can be worked on later.