stealthWhen you see that someone has been looking at your profile, do you get creeped out?

Or do you see it as an opportunity?

Surely they had a reason to take the time and energy to look at you.

And you have the right and reason to ask and offer your services.

So here’s what you do:

  1. look at them back (for context on what they do and who you both know in common)
  2. Inmail them on LinkedIn, or research their email address online:

Hi {name},

I see you were looking at me on LinkedIn and I was curious:

1) How do you know our mutual connection {name}?

2) Can I help you with anything?

I see you are engaged in {industry or interest group you share} and that happens to be a specialty of mine. Please let me know.


{your name}

Maybe they will reply. Maybe they are looking for someone exactly like you to help them with a particular problem or challenge and of all the profiles they saw, you took the effort to inquire how you can help. That’s a differentiator. That’s you.

If they don’t reply, it wasn’t meant to be.

In my situation this week, I met a fellow LinkedIn coach whose husband is an attorney, a core industry I aim to work my LinkedIn magic in. Value added on all sides.

Not so creepy after all. Make each touch on LinkedIn a positive one.