newspaperheadlineTell your breaking career story.

Even if you need to revise what you have already posted on LinkedIn.

Here’s the angle: think like a newspaper columnist.

Assemble the facts, see the chronological patterns and threads, compose a pithy headline to attract attention and urge the reader to continue on.

Then an intro to set the stage for context and orientation of what is yet to be said, expand the concepts and observations your career has afforded you in the meat of the story (your Experience), simply the details and color (your Skills, Recommendations and all other Accomplishments) and end with a call to action.

Make each word and phrase count. Add graphics and photos to further amplify the point.

Write a Pulitzer-worthy LinkedIn personal profile. That’s you. Be amazing-er than the competing columnist’s profile.

Hawk that story by telling us it’s new and compelling-call out to them: