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My #LinkedIn book reviews and news so far!

LinkedInMktngStrtgs_COVERAs we approach the 90-day point from its publication, I am so happy my book is being reviewed so favorably by consultants, entrepreneurs, coaches, attorneys and mentors.

Yes, of course, I carefully chose the reviewers to give a wide-angle view of how the book can help so many people in all walks of life, not just attorneys, though it is published by the American Bar Association. Each is an author and well-recognized for their expertise. I am privileged to count them as peers.

“Everything you need to know and more about to market your business through LinkedIn is in this easy to read and chock full of information book written by Marc Halpert. Marc is a genius when it comes to the techniques and strategies on how to simply implement the tools needed to position yourself as a pro using professional ‘social media’ through LinkedIn. Marc shows you step by step how to incorporate every critical point into your marketing plan. You will come back to this book over and over again as a “must have” reference.Excellent and informative read with brilliant information on every page! Marc Halpert is THE Go To Pro!” — Andrea Nierenberg, Nierenberg Consulting Group

“I have had the pleasure of co-presenting with Marc on the topic of LinkedIn.  As I read through the excellent tips he provided, I could hear his no-nonsense approach come through. He always tells it like it is!  The strategies presented are solid and will provide you with tips for improving the profile while simultaneously giving you the reasons for branding yourself on LinkedIn. Anyone thinking of doing business with you will likely Google your name and your LinkedIn profile will appear on page one of those search results. It’s critical that you control this narrative AND learn how to make the most of this tool for business development.” — Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder LLC, author of Magnify Your Business

“This book is highly informative, providing information about how to maximize LinkedIn as well as why LinkedIn is such a critical tool for today’s professionals. Marc carefully explains each section of LinkedIn and discusses how to best approach and maximize one’s time and energy. I recommend this for all attorneys and other professionals working in service-related industries!” — Janet Granger, author of Digital Influence for Baby Boomers

“Having written several career books for lawyers and legal professionals over the years, I know many of the rules business people take for granted have to be rethought when applied to members of our profession. That’s especially true of LinkedIn and other social media venues.  There are a lot of things nonlawyers can do to market and promote themselves online that could get us sued, sanctioned or disbarred if we attempted them. In this book Marc Halpert has done an amazing job of helping lawyers understand not only what social media can do for them, but how to use these tools in an effective, professional and ethical manner. If you are a lawyer or legal professional, read this before you read anything else about LinkedIn and social media marketing.” — Cliff Ennico, attorney and author of Partner Track, The Legal Job Interview, and The Crowdfunding Handbook

“LinkedIn is a hugely powerful, global network of business professionals. When used properly, it can propel your career and your business in ways most people can’t fathom. Marc’s new book, is quintessential Marc: succinct, easy to understand with the specific techniques you will learn framed underneath the big ideas you need to understand first. While “LinkedInTM Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices” has specific and highly useful tips and techniques, it can provide excellent value for anyone who wants to use LinkedIn to build their business and enhance their career. Marc Halpert, can and does. He has built a thriving business that helps business professionals and companies used LinkedIn to find jobs they would have never found, attract new clients, source top talent, promote new ideas and products, and much more.” — Mark Monchek, Chief Opportunity Officer, Opportunity Lab, and author of Culture of Opportunity: How to Grow Your Business in an Age of Disruption

More reviews coming…

And more news about the book: the NY County Lawyers purchased 100 copies for a book signing and talk I will give in September. Let’s sell out the house!

A panel Q&A talk to the NY State Bar Association will include 2 teaser chapters in the handout to registrants.

I’ll have books with me in Philadelphia when I speak at a lunch of planned giving experts, and at a November book event for the entrepreneurial community, cosponsored by the Westport (CT) Library and SCORE.

And here’s a most unsubtle hint: With the holidays just 4 months away, it will make a great holiday gift to a select group of your colleagues, clients, and/or employees, so order online to put that very important decision behind you:

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