summerLIprofileIt’s been a great summer, weatherwise.

And it’s still not over (yet) although we tend to take a breather in what’s left of August and look into getting back to a normal pace in September.

It’s been a great summer, business-wise. I have new e-payment clients that I did not expect, all from referrals from friends and colleagues.

I have brand new LinkedIn coaching clients, and finished with some really great ones during the summer, and look forward to some speaking gigs in the fall (see tomorrow’s blog post).

And you?

It’s time for you to pack up the summer thinking and get back to the autumnal reality that you need to be all that you can be on LinkedIn. That should not take an army. That should be me and you working together, in person as a coaching client, and/or following the techniques in my book or from my talking points and slide deck.

Just do it. Now.

Get on board and start implementing the new developments in your career and applying them to your LinkedIn profile. Yikes! Yearend is just around the corner.