eclipseToday’s the day.

The sun will be blocked by the moon. It’s a partial eclipse here in Connecticut, maxing out at 2:44 pm, and I, for one, am staying glued to the TV to see it safely and soundly.

The ancients thought it meant the end of the world; no surprise, since it becomes dark in the middle of the day. As the planets line up, strange things happen: birds stop chirping, insects come out, it gets cool quickly, even just for a few minutes.

As an entrepreneur, it’s one thing to keep your eyes upward, but not this afternoon. A positive, optimistic outlook is part of what we dreamers thrive on.

When the business planets align and something and marvelous happens, like earning a big new piece of business via an initial LinkedIn introduction, or finally meeting that great new colleague you vetted before you connect, or receiving an unexpected recommendation from a client on LinkedIn, or you are quoted in an article…ahhh, that feels good.

Real good. Enough to remember to update us on LinkedIn, too, please.

Shoot skyward, be a heavenly body in your field, and appreciate the rewards.

Eclipse your competition.