Today's LinkedIn Nugget

You are master of your #LinkedIn brand


You change.

You can change your look, curate, share and comment on someone’s intriguing material, write deeper thoughts into an essay, relocate, transition to a new career or industry, receive an award, gain a certification, renew a license in your field, take your place as a board member of a nonprofit, etc.: any of a number of adaptations and adjustments.

But you have to tell us what is new in your career trajectory. Or else we never know.

Take a moment to think if there is a change you need to make to your LinkedIn profile to keep us up to speed with you.

Make that/those change(s) on LinkedIn. Be consistent and vigilant in doing so.

And only you can make a change to your profile. Only you can accept what skill someone else has endorsed or said in a recommendation.

It’s up to you, entirely.

If your LinkedIn profile is out of date or dull, it’s your doing.