COLLEGEFor many of the college-age students in our lives, they are packing up and heading back for another semester of adventure, fun, study, and revelation.

And to reveal a little-used idea to them (and please share with them if you have a college student). LinkedIn is a habit to get into now and for your future:

  1. It makes connections.
  2. It keeps those connections current as you will all move around a lot after college.
  3. It enables you to meet your friends’ friends. Your connections’ connections.
  4. It allows you to keep in touch with professors and professional staff at school after you leave. They can help you make connections too, even after you have left but you need to keep in touch with them.
  5. It helps you find jobs and make educated career moves. Some companies make decisions and take applications solely from your LinkedIn profile. Tells you something, huh?
  6. LinkedIn keeps on working for you even at your parents’ age. Which is ancient, of course.
  7. You are only as interesting as you make yourself come across, so start working on your personal brand now.
  8. They don’t teach LinkedIn all, and if they do, certainly not well, in college. Or grad school.

Your network is your net worth, as I like to say. Start investing in your network now.

Make your profile everything it can be to show the real you. Have a look here for a full online course:,

Have a great year at school.