Crerase_digitaleating Showcase pages on a company profile can be an effective way to concentrate attention on a new product, an upcoming event, a big announcement.

And every project has a lifetime, and they all expire at some time. Then they should be removed.

Should be…

I had an old recorded webinar event left over on my company profile page and was negligent in removing it. And then someone inquired if I was still offering it, and I was embarrassed to have to admit I missed removing it and apologized for the oversight.

Egg on my LinkedIn face. Not the branding I want to project.

Next step: remove it.

How? I searched on the Help Center.

But uh-oh, as admin of my own company profile page I still have to ask LinkedIn to do this for me. Odd, but I did what I had to do, and 12 hours later I received a message telling me they removed it:


Gone. Thanks, LinkedIn Help Center.