gestureYour connections want to hear from you.

You want to be top of mind with your connections.

Every day of the business week, and some do it on weekends too, is a great day to share:

  • an article with your comments on why the article you are sharing is worthwhile. Tell us why you liked, or disliked (be professional!), the article you read and include the URL.
  • a comment on a connection’s news or work anniversary, adding a little more warmth and a few more keystrokes than the standard comment LinkedIn provides.
  • and depending on the relationship, I suppose I have to allow you to simply click “like,” but I ask you to do this the vast minority of the times and to use shares and comments much more frequently.

And just to remind you that gestures are very important, I will link you back to a blogpiece I wrote nearly a year ago with my commentary about gestures as strong ways to indicate admiration and respect for your connections around a video (thumbnail above) that will make you sniffle.

Or at least think of ways to make an impact with your connections, verbally and nonverbally.

Do it.