balanceBalance and attention to detail are essential in your LinkedIn profile.

You have to keep from appearing too sales-y, yet talk about yourself with the right amount of self-confidence.

You want to come across as a valuable colleague to the casual reader, all part of your personal brand marketing.

This is a continuous process, and not finished in one sitting, It’s worth a few iterations. Keep in mind: if you finish in one sitting, you as a branded “product” will look that way: unpolished. In fact it takes years (as I can attest) of tweaking and resetting to keep your profile up to speed with your professional career journey, so be sure to make midterm corrections.

In sum, at all times, don’t come across less than your capabilities and with diminished professionalism.

Likewise, and every bit as important as balance is the requirement to sweat the details; an example: don’t forget to show your law degree on your LinkedIn profile if you are a lawyer (as has happened 2 times with my coaching clients). Don’t leave out a job you held and fail to show what you learned there, as happens frequently enough!

Go further than spell check to correct typos or bad grammar. Keep parallel styles of writing; don’t use bullets in one section and  narrative in another.

Think it through from the POV of the reader.

Some read your profile top-down; other bottom-up. Be impressive in either direction.

If you are paid to be attentive to details for your clients (and isn’t that all of us?), you had better be articulate, concise, and clear about yourself on LinkedIn. One incorrect impression that you don’t have your eye on the proverbial ball, and poof! they have departed your profile, never to return, and off to the competitor.

Balance and details.

You cannot have on without the other, or all the rocks fall in to a random pile. No one spends time admiring a heap.