taichiI defy you to try doing everything in tai chi, all at once, properly.

I promise you one detail in your movement will escape you.

It’s not easy.


  • head pulled up by a theoretical string,
  • stretching the spine up from the top,
  • modified sitting stance,
  • hips pushed forward,
  • shoulders and arms round,
  • tongue at roof of the mouth,
  • feet planted with heel and ball of foot,
  • energy (chi) flowing up and down

and so far all you are doing at this point is just standing there.

You haven’t even started the rhythmic movement of your arms and legs yet!

Then, in the posture I outlined above, you embark on the beautifully fluid routines, odd-number repetitions, and then repeat the odd-number of movements on the opposite side to keep in equilibrium.

The careful eye of the instructor knows all, sees all, and encourages us all (but just how does he know who is doing, or not doing, all this correctly with his back to us so we can follow him?)

“Marc, you have to move your pelvis backward as you tai chi walk forward!”

“OK, got it,” I say.

We repeat the routine. I try to conform to his suggestion.

“No, Marc, not enough.”

Now I am a bit (just a little!) guilt-ridden, and make a joke to dissipate the awkwardness. I want to do it just right. My head does. My lower torso was not agreeing.

He approaches me and suggests I push my torso into the right position. I hold it there.

We repeat it again. It feels right now. Not perfect, but I am getting there.

He knew. That’s why he is the instructor. I am but a neophyte, with only 2 1/2 years of weekly informal classes, compared  to his 20+ years of daily practice.

He cares. I appreciate that.

He wants me to do better. I thank him for that concern.

He can show me a better way to move in the exercise, the right way for maximum effectiveness.

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