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1-800-NICEJOB: #LinkedIn recommendations

humbleYes, 1-800-NICEJOB was the phone number I saw on the side of a moving truck yesterday in the Boston area. They obviously live to a very high standard, placing a high hurdle in making an impression from the very beginning, throughout the consumer’s experience with them.

It’s living the quality promise you lead with. It’s part of your every day routine DNA.

It’s about receiving a phone call from a client, complimenting you for something ex post facto; these moments do not always come often, since the client expected quality (you started out with that impression from the beginning).

These calls are unexpected. That’s the moment when they tell you how you exceeded their expectations at which you must ask them to memorialize the nice things they just said.


In a LinkedIn recommendation. They will be happy to do this. You start the process.

Both you and they look good doing so. A sweetener for both your profiles: taking the time and effort to tell how well you do the “why” you do what you do.

My latest followed just that process: call from client, compliment received, asked for his rec, started rec process, published:

I recently brought Marc in to give a presentation to our clients at our annual user group conference. We are a legal software company and the conference is a two-day opportunity for attorneys and law firm staff members from all over the country to learn more about our system and how to improve their practices. Marc spoke about using LinkedIn to build client referral networks and knocked it out of the park! Of the people who responded to our post-conference questionnaire, over 80% chose his presentation as the most beneficial one at the conference. This just confirms what I already knew – he is a gifted communicator who knows how to connect (no pun intended) with his audience and impart valuable knowledge.

This is not about me, shown as my most recent example only. This is a suggestion to you-don’t miss the opportunity.  You need to ask to seize the moment too.

And here’s another idea-give a rec that the receiver does not expect. Reward good work.

1-800-NICEJOB calls can be special for all of us, you too.

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