earspiercedYesterday I saw an ad outside a store, adding facts and citing its specialty, intended to provide confidence to the risk-adverse.

I saw a kid riding his bike on a main road, with no hands, texting, as he flew by me. Self-confident? Risky.

I coached a high-profile attorney who was reticent to tell how she excels. I see this all the time: capable professionals who provide confidence to other people yet not completely confident in their own skin, to tell their own story.

Ah but LinkedIn provides you the soap box to tell others why you do what you do and allows others to endorse or recommend you for how well you say why you do it.

  • I advise you to use statistics carefully to make your point.
  • And be careful in your word choice to elicit more confidence that you are the one for the job/project/consulting assignment.
  • Finally, tell us your value proposition: past, present and future.

Mixing facts with confidence, as in the store sign, makes you a contender. Pasting a tired resume onto LinkedIn makes you a has-been.