Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Chipmunks, sunflowers, and #LinkedIn

sunflowerI planted about 100 sunflower seedlings yesterday. Today maybe 25 are left!

Alvin and the rest of the chipmunks that inhabit a housing complex in the stone walls surrounding my garden had quite a feast.

I like them, when they behave. Today, I am not a fan. Tomorrow I expect almost nothing left.

They eat to survive of course. They have a place in nature and in my yard. They scurry around chasing each other, chirping, and scattering whenever I step foot outside as they hide, cowering and then make a break for cover and safety.

The point? 

Sometimes you nurture great concepts from a seed, expecting the idea to germinate and set out strong roots, and then you plant them in the open, anticipating they will grow to show their true glory.

Then a natural enemy of your idea uproots, devours, and leaves it to shrivel.

Preventative measures are often too late. You go back to the proverbial drawing board and reassess the plan from seed to flower. 

Do that with your LinkedIn profile.

Write it, test it and publish it. When there are nibbles at it, strengthen it. As predators swoop or sneak up, be resolute with your product or service and develop the second and third fortified draft of your offering into a final version. 

Sunflowers, tall and dramatic in their glory, start as vulnerable seedlings.

Especially in my experience. Only the strong (and lucky) survive.

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