4 people networking 2Conversation yesterday at networking event (you are coming in on the middle of it):

“Yes, the book is doing well, thank you.

I’d be happy to come to your firm and teach LinkedIn to your partners on site.

My charges are a matrix based on the time I speak and the number of people I train.

The ideal time for a session is 90 minutes. I can do 60 but that’s motor-mouthing it. 90 is best for leaving time for Q&A without short-changing a section or going too fast.

How many will attend? Here’s an idea: ask them each to bring a guest who is a client. Value added for all.

You haven’t seen or heard a LinkedIn training session like mine so do not worry about them getting antsy beyond an hour. No one has ever complained that they did not get their money’s worth and then some. I am told the time is very well spent. Have a look n my profile and see the recommendations.

Yes the price is correlated with the value of the knowledge they will leave with. Think of the ROI in your colleagues and the opportunity of bringing in just one small incremental piece of business from my training.

I will bring books for those who want to purchase, an unashamed plug, if that’s acceptable.

Good. A proposal is on its way.”

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