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Unfollow on #LinkedIn


You say: I get too much (or not important enough) material from a person on my Home Page but I do not want to sever my connection with them. What do I do?

I say: You can unfollow them.

From the LinkedIn Help Center, an excerpt and here’s how:

Unfollowing a person, company, or topic will hide all updates from that entity on your LinkedIn feed going forward. If you unfollow a person, this does not remove your connection. You will remain connected to this person but will not see their updates in your feed. They will not be notified that you have unfollowed them.

To unfollow a person, company, or topic:

  1. Click the “ ” More icon in the top right corner of the post in your feed.

  2. Click Unfollow [name] from the list of options that appears. You’ll immediately have the option to click Undo.

          Note: You can also unfollow a person by clicking the More ” icon on the top portion of the person’s profile and selecting “X” Unfollow from the dropdown.

Now you know 2 ways how, and you are in charge.

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