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Today: Guest Blogger David Rose; true story

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Note: We all relate to real stories of success. I heard David tell this LinkedIn success story where he reached out on LinkedIn and made a difference. I wanted you to know that good things can come from on LinkedIn if you make them happen!

I’m frequently on LinkedIn, reading posts from my connections and looking for new ones.  One day the strangest thing happened.  I was reading a post that really inspired me.  I immediately offered to connect with this person, personalizing the connection note telling her “ you’re post inspired me, how can I help you?”  I was surprised when she responded quickly, saying “let’s meet!”  I was shocked!  But I told her “sure” and we set a date.

Now I had to wait for our appointment.  And lots of thoughts went through my head.  This had never happened before, as my experiences with LinkedIn and any communication with people on LinkedIn had been with people I knew before we made a connection.  What was this woman’s purpose?  Was she going to kidnap me?  Tie me up?  I wasn’t really scared but this was new ground for me.  So I went!

It was good!  We met, she gave me a tour of her company and I immediately thought of three people I know who she could help.  Therein lies the reason for my story – what is real networking and how is it done?

Two fellow networkers and friends have both emphasized the way to truly network is to fully put the other person’s interest in front.  You cannot go in thinking what’s in it for me.  If the relationship is pure and true, what’s coming to you will come.  And if it doesn’t, it will come from somewhere else.  Only through my personal experience did it really hit me.


David Rose: Father and husband, Student of Logistics, Barbecue Aficionado

Ten years working at Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic Airways forged a special understanding of business, putting family first, treating fellow workers as family and always doing what’s right.

One common theme to David Rose’s career has been to find better ways to get things done and in the process, can we reduce cost?  Because in better processes and reduced costs, effective logistics people get products to peoples’ homes, to stores and on shelves faster and better, keeping more people in the workforce and making for better lives.

From Virgin to TNT, to seven great years at UPS, and now at a Sales and Marketing company, David continues to bring quality enhancements to companies that are open to continuous learning.

David can be reached at and 914 428 1428.

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