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The Nth degree on #LinkedIn

certificateI meet people with multiple degrees in their formal education and even more professional certifications.

Some have a string of acronyms after their name. Others may show one or more obscure ones that most people may not recognize.

To which I say: show it/them, but only the one(s) that pertain(s) to your current line of work.

“MBA” (which I also have) is not one of them. CPA is, for example.

If it’s important to you to have your name is followed by an acronym or two that the casual reader is unaware of, be sure to use:

  1. your LinkedIn profile’s Experience section for a brief mention that you possess that training, then
  2. the Education or Certifications section, as the case may be, to more fully describe how and what you earned this and cite the URL of the organization awarding it to you. And be sure to show its current date as still in effect and certification or license number and awarding entity, as applicable.

Be aware that casual profile readers may not get as far down in reviewing your profile as your Education or Certification section so you want to at least mention it in Experience and how you use this training in your current position.

Hint: Remember you can also move sections up and down in your profile by holding your left mouse down on the 4 short horizontal lines at the top right corner of each section, so you can make better sure the reader finds your Education and/or Certifications section more readily.

This acronym is a differentiator from the competition in many cases, so be sure it’s clearly presented in the right places. You earned it!

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