Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Have we met? How can I help you?

questionsYou get a lame LinkedIn connection request you cannot qualify, much less identify:

  • How do I know this person, if at all?
  • Whom do we know in common?
  • How can we be of help with one another, me helping him/her more than vice versa?
  • Do we share any group interests?
  • Is this person reputable?
  • and any of a lot of other questions might run through your mind…

What do you do now?

You can take the time to look at their profile on LinkedIn and do your homework. Apparently they did not, or appear to have missed identifying to you how this connection might be beneficial.

Do you have the time to invest in researching a lame self-introduction?

But your inner curiosity is piqued once in a while and you can bounce back to them via LinkedIn and ask:

Have we met? How can I help you?

Here’s how:

  1. Open My Network in the top dark green bar to see what invitations are pending.
  2. Click “Manage All”

reply13. Then select the person you want to reply to and click “Message”


4. Then compose a message to them


Feast or famine: usually no reply. Not meant to be. Easy come easy go.

Once in a while I unearth a golden new connection. I am ever the optimist.

Your time frame for a reply may be different.

Now you know what you can do, and how to professionally handle these.