blur1Phone conversation with a prospective involved my guidance about what work we would do together on his LinkedIn profile.

Emphasis on “together” from my side.

All he heard was that I was going to rewrite his profile.

Not a good start.

To which I had to advise him that’s not my work. If it were all the profiles I would rewrite would be from my lens, from my POV, in my verbal style. Not a good thing.

Looking at his existing profile, it’s all over the place. I know generically what he does but not why he does what he does. Not where his expertise is. I am not sure what he did in the past that makes him valuable today and his future orientation based on him today.

Like a whoosh by in a blur and a disappearance. Which way did he go?

Why would I rewrite a cloudy persona into anything clearer if he is not willing to look deeply and express “why him”? Fear? Lack of drive? Inability to focus? Some or possibly all of the above.

I don’t get to work until I know I have a willing client. Not him, not this time.