bugYes, tech is a wonderful thing, when it works.

It is amazing that the tech things we take for granted work as well as they do.

Like credit card processing, a highly complex sharing of data across multiple platforms in microseconds. One miss and all fails. We expect instantaneous immediate reliability every time…

Or in the case of LinkedIn, we expect it to be the same day after day, with all the items I try to teach working and in the same places as yesterday.

Not always…as was today 3 times in one session. It’s those tech gremlins that make me a little (OK, a lot!) crazy. I would like to show the attendees that the lesson I am conveying is indeed working, logically, every time.

Students and clients I have taught and spoken to are forgiving and even understanding. They know it’s not my fault.

Perhaps the bugs and cooties will all agree one day to stop tormenting LinkedIn.

I image that TV animated insecticide commercial…R A I D !!!! Kill tech bugs dead.

Or something like that….