When I started my business in 2001 it was recommended that I read a book “What to Say When You Talk to Yourself.” It was a good idea at the time.

I was used to the hubbub of a busy corporate office, after 22 years.

When I stated working for myself I was keenly aware of the silence around me in my basement office.

My how that has all changed.

I can’t say there’s a lot of noise in my still-basement office but I am sure in contact with a lot of amazing people: by email, text, blog comments, making presentations, and yes, even once in a while the phone will ring.

But to come up with weekdaily (not a typo) blog posts is sometimes a challenge. I want to keep it interesting and useful. I want to be relevant. I sometimes post a blog and sit back and wait for the analytics on social media to tell me if I hit a nerve. Indeed, often my work is opened up in the same day by so many people that I am amazed. I get comments agreeing with me, adding to my perspective, and once in a while objecting to my POV. That’s good in all regards. It shows I am being heard.

Even when I don’t have a whole lot new to say, I am faced with a personal situation that is blog worthy. Or comment-able. Or amazing (at least to me).

And I ask myself, is it cheating to have a guest blogger on some Fridays? I have come to not think so. These folks are experts and add a perspective that is needed.

Each day I get to work trying to capsulize the experiences I relish, shown to you in a way that can be appreciated and used in your everyday LinkedIn life.

That’s what I wait for, and it almost always happens. I am gratified it does.