connectionNew exciting opportunities await us at every turn. Most frequently you have to pursue them. Sometimes they seek you out.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is, as the saying goes. We meet so many people with false promises and anemic follow-through, inadequate experience and lack of polish. A dime a dozen, sorry to have to say.

However when you meet a pro and “connect” (yes, even beyond LinkedIn) with what seems to be a budding collaboration, and I mean in the Mr. Spock-Vulcan-mind-meld way, your gut tells you to actively nurture the other party and find ways to keep the good times rolling.

Often it’s one-sided, and I frequently feel it’s me doing most, if not all, the pushing. And I wonder in retrospect why I work so hard at it. And not being a perfect judge of character, sometimes my attraction by the prospect of success with that person develops into work with false prophets. I am still learning.

Then there are situations, such as the ones I have in mind writing this blog piece, in which the favor is more than returned and I was invited to an inaugural specialized networking meeting. Always nice to be selected as one among the many.

And after that I was called by a professional whom I met at a recent public LinkedIn presentation to pursue a creative way to hatch an altogether unique piece of business with him. Again, a compliment which is appreciated.

As we say in a networking group I am active in, “what goes around comes around.”

Indeed twice today it did go around.

The challenge: keep on that trajectory.