scissorFrom time to time you will lose all respect for a (former) business colleague.

It can be over a breakage of his or her word, or it can be really any way you no longer feel the connection to that person.

I use the paradigms:

  • do I want to be seen associated in any way with that person?
  • would I feel comfortable referring that person?
  • do I want to congratulate that person over the years for his/her accomplishments?

If the answer to one or more of those is “no,” disconnect from that person.

Find their profile on LinkedIn and click the 3 horizontal dots next to that person’s picture, find the click disconnect, confirm that you want to do this and you are severed.

No message goes to that person that you did so. They simply become 2nd level connections.

It’s going to happen to you. It happened to me yesterday. Click, gone.

My network is my net worth. I do not allow a rogue to lessen that.