summerLIprofileWe are about to start summer (unofficially) but it feels like early spring around here.  I wore wool pants, a long-sleeved shirt, sweater, blazer and lined raincoat yesterday. The heat will catch up to us, I know.

But mentally the Memorial Day weekend starts many summery things: BBQs, beach and pool openings, traffic congestion on highways, and for some, slowing down a bit.

But don’t be fooled. Networking is a weekend sport too. The business brand of you is not closed for the long weekend. You’ll meet new people and you might embrace new ideas.

Just from the subset of my brand that is LinkedIn, I find my posts and updates are read, “liked,” shared, commented on during weekends as during the week, during the weekend nights, during the weekend days.

Perhaps motivated business people are catching up. Perhaps they are introspectively reviewing their home pages and just perhaps…perhaps…they are honing their profiles too (I hope so!).

Don’t stop. Work on your brand daily, hourly, when there’s benefit to be gained.

During long (and regular sized) weekends, too.