noI get at least 5 unsolicited LinkedIn connection requests a day, 99.9% of which from people I do not know.

One day I opened up my LinkedIn message box and the entire social media class at a Southeast Asian university asked me to connect!

Often the unsolicited connection request message is the boilerplate, bland, boring, lazy one (I think I made the point!) that LinkedIn allows you to send without personalizing the message.

And all too often these come from a media expert or communications consultant or in this case a business development person…really!

So I either disregard and deep-six them or I send a message back if I have any inkling of how I can help the requester.

Here’s a recent interchange that results in my saying “no”:


I think I was professional and made it clear why not.

I wonder if the receiver will get my point… I hope he will see that there was nothing conveyed in his request making me want to connect to him.

One down and thousands to go…