I hadn’t been in my doctor’s office for a few months and as the nurse took my BP, she said, “Oh yeah, you’re the LinkedIn guy. I really have to get on that!”

Two things are happening here in my head:

  1. radarShe remembered me, my brand, my mission, my passion, based on a casual conversation we had in February. That’s a good thing-I pinged on her mental radar screen, I was recalled as an individual from among the hundreds of patients she’d seen since my last visit.

2. LI-to-do-listThe need to be found on LinkedIn is not to be taken lightly. It should be considered obligatory, in her case, as she may be looking for a new position.  Alas LinkedIn is still associated with needing a job and not with today’s life of networking for success, job needed or not.

3. The thing I found distressing was something she offered as we chatted: “I tried to start to use it last time and it was just too difficult to use so I stopped in the middle.” That’s distressing, as LinkedIn is now harder than ever to use, with the new user interface changes this past March… but I urged her to persevere and she will easily figure it out in her own time.

A nice chat, mostly. I managed to keep my BP normal too.