DSCN2730.JPGCongratulations, as you graduate from high school, college, grad school, professional school.

Advice: your work life and skills are just beginning, or continuing, and your experience will layer one over the other to make you the valued person you will become.

Now is a good time to evaluate your social media persona, LinkedIn in particular.

Update your current status and amend it as often as needed. Most of all, get in the continuous habit of making it look professional and tell your brand story.

It’s too early in your career to have a brand, you say? Not really.

Your brand gets/got you into your next level: college, grad school, your first and all-important job and since you did progress, you certainly impressed someone enough with your brand to allow you into the spot they selected you for from the competition.

Just like you used online data and their branding to selected one from among your offers. It goes 2 ways.

So onward and build your professional reputation as your LinkedIn profile will increasingly become a major part of how you meet the right people and evaluate your ability to help them, and them to help you.

Congratulations and keep working on your brand.

Use LinkedIn as a tool.