studyAutodidacts are self-taught people.

Perfect example: Frank Lloyd Wright never went to architecture school but revolutionized the field and industry.

I have an MBA in international business and haven’t used it since 2001, and what I do now is all self-taught. In fact, the technologies that I market and teach did not exist when I received my formal education and I have learned as I have gone, increasing my knowledge every day.

One of the nicest things anyone every said to me after one of my public LinkedIn sessions was, “For an older guy you know your stuff.” It’s a true story!

You are likely self-taught in what you do for a living too. 

So my fellow autodidacts, on your LinkedIn profile you MUST prove to the casual, attention-starved reader that you are an expert and you know your stuff.

Where you came from makes you who you are today and where you can lead a client in his/her/your futures. Tell us why you do what you do, past, present and future tense. Especially since you are self-taught.