Yes, folks, you will know it when you see it: something that LinkedIn eliminated when it thrust the new desktop user interface on us, and several old favorites were eliminated.

Yes they suggested, and I advised you too, to have them send you an electronic copy of your old profile, JIC, but with no specific warning of what sections and functions would be eliminated, and poof, some were gone! Perhaps for ever, some temporarily it seems.

Now as the numerous glitches in the new interface are addressed and resolved, some things are coming back. You will know which when you see them and you say to yourself, “gee, that’s back, I forgot about that one.”

One comes to mind today: you can once again view the updates on your Home Page that you want to see most, choosing between “Top recommended” or “Most Recent” posts. sortnewsLINow you can choose exactly what you want to see when you come to review your Feed, which I certainly hope you do regularly to nurture the LinkedIn community you value by sharing great material you come across.

BTW,  I still want events, tags, message history and notes back if LinkedIn is listening!